Monday, November 26, 2007

Skating as transport - Maiden voyage

So Kristin and I went to dinner the other night; that chicken place on Lincoln. I skated the sidewalk, she rolled the street and couldn't keep up with me. We must have been an interesting couple when we got to the restaurant; me sweaty in cargo shorts, Kris looking oh so cute, my board inverted on a table as we ordered.

Afterward, we went to Smart & Final where I discovered the grace of newly paved asphalt. Beginning skater on virgin pavement with a 2% grade. Nicely accomplished many loops in that parking lot.

We needed cigarettes, so skated and rolled toward Rose Avenue. Passed a corner storefront (on Flower I believe) called Supplemental Organic Solutions (SOS). Vitamin store I'm thinking. Well I was wrong. This hybrid business carved out of someone's deep pocket was a combination skate shop, museum, music studio, custom high end sneaker store and future cannabis club. Kris and I studied all the warnings on the front door and started to move along. "No cameras allowed; turn off your cell phone, etc." Two guys appeared at the entrance and invited us in. We met Alfred and his business partner and heard their pitch. Interesting place to say the least.

Have a feeling I will skate there in the future.


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