Sunday, January 27, 2008

Skateboarding without a skateboard ... so sick!

The few in my crew already knew how I cracked some ribs the eve before Christmas. Thirty days, moments of reflection and several vicodin later I'm feeling better now. Back to some simple yoga at least. What I've not done yet is simply skate up the street, visit Camille and skate back. It's been really strange to be inactive for an entire month. Plenty of time catch up on movies... and daydream about skating.

Skating without a skateboard? Hardly. Well maybe.

While recuperating, had a chance to soak in some of Donchian's underground rap. By far the runaway standout is "So Sick" by the elusive Floridian, Benefit. The hard to find song of a few years back is my favorite in this genre... "so nice that it's nasty, so dope it's disgusting." Witty, disturbing and piercingly poetic, coupled with Bert & Earnie samples. An anthem of anomaly easily repurposed as a theme for extremity. Starting the year with broken bones, and Camille with the flu, the title of this song seems perfect.

I searched on YouTube for a video of "So Sick". No original video from the rapper... but instead stumbled upon a video of an amazing gymnist, David Belle. Below are some of his acrobatics; now THIS is what I call skateboarding sans skateboard. What Rodney Mullen is to skateboarding, David Belle is to gymnastics.. this is so sick.

"So Sick" by Benefit

[Bert] I'm sick!
[Ernie] What's the matter Bert?
[Bert] I'm sick!
[Ernie] Oh yeah?
[Bert] I'm sick Ernie! Can't you tell that?
[Ernie] You're sick?
[Bert] I'm sick!
[Ernie] You're sick?
[Bert] I'm sick!
[Ernie] Then you caught it!
[Ernie] Boy you must know who it is whose sick!

As my verse disperses the worst curses a person hurts worse
Than the first virgin's privacy purse burstin’
I walk around the underground as a powerful thunder sound
Wearing the low down profound lyrical wonder crown
Advanced listening wrestlin’ with pressure expressions
And steppin’ in as a special specimen fresher than freshman
Obvious over dosage coasted it over oceans
With explosive posts flyer than your promotional posters
Skillfully killing willfully drilling syllable spilling
Feeling really up settable biting is edible stealing
Walking around the planet, rocking the ground like granite
Cocking my sound cannon and stopping the sound famine
Deliberate inconsiderate etiquette, Benefit's belligerence
Spitting shit like laxative excrement
Dove in a frozen ocean fell low below boastin’
The one chosen who rose exposin’ the flow erosion

[Chorus - repeat 4X]
So nice that it's nasty, so bangin’ it's bustin’
So sweet that it's sick, so dope it's disgustin’

I lead an expedition in vision and competition
In a prison when deliverin’ witherin’ rhyme litterin’
Givin’ and never endeavoring ever clever however
bringin’ it whether together or on solo feathers
Sicker than liquor and medicine burnin’ and blisterin’
Leave your lights flickering
Quicker than strobes you're trippin’ in
The high appointed, style anointed with ill delivery ointment
On point with this like jointed presidential appointments
Flashin’ full fashionable rational lyrical passion
Glow bashin’ skulls burnin trash flows and watch ash grow
Belittling with little men livin’ in oblivion
Try battling imaginin’ that they're hyper than Ritalin
Simply deranged brain exchanged pain for gain
Rearrange your frame to strange plain pattern with slain
Bigger badder and better than all of your gold and cheddar
When spreadin’ wing like medicine
Men with ancient tribal lettering


[Ben] Sick, sick, so sick
[Bert] I'm sick, sick, sick!
[Ben] Sick, sick, so sick

Will someone please offer this artist a proper contract?

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Skater Down

Day 7 of the flu. I have been able to ride to the store for oj and coffee. But for now that's about it. I have had time to fantasize about some new places I would like to skate to and check out when I am well again.

There is a rain storm in Los Angeles today. Not the usual on and off LA stuff but the real thing. So there isn't much to do today.

I rode down to santa monica a few weeks back and did find that I was more agile when it comes to avoiding the rough roads that were bringing me down earlier this skating season.

It won't be long before I am ready for another lesson with the pros in my life. I find that my skills are honing on there own and I am completing front and back jumps consistently and holding steady at higher speeds of 9 + mph.

Until then I will stick with blogging!!!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

While I was skating

My first big rush after renewing my love of the sport did not come from jumping my first curb, grinding my first rail, or conquering my biggest hill to date. No my biggest rush came from random fans cheering me on as I rode down the street.

I was in middle Santa Monica. I am a chauffeur for a local limousine company and due to circumstances beyond my control was carless. I had to drop off the car at the office and my car was at home. This meant that I could skate back to Venice.

I love to skate so it was a welcomed inconvenience.

I was in my chauffeur uniform at the time. This uniform consisted of black slacks, dress shirt, and tie. Yes a suit!

Half way home a car load of fellow skaters saw me and yelled from the car window. I didn't really catch on at first. Then further down the street I saw them again and this time there were more of them honking and yelling out of the window. These were the howls of peer approval.

It was awesome. I understood why they were doing that when I saw myself from their point of view. Here was this woman wearing a suit and tie skating from Santa Monica to Venice. It was quite a sight though not my plan.

After they passed a second time the attention grew as I rode down Lincoln Blvd. on my "Girl" board.

Everyone I passed was looking and smiling/nodding signs of approval at this event.

This was by far the best moment I have had skating to date.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Where's Rob?

Skating in 2008 means more traffic, everyone is doing it in Venice. I found a website that means more affordable parts in all brands warehouse skateboards. Skateboards can be more expensive in Venice retail. S.O.S on Lincoln blvd. is still the best deal offering in the area.

I want a dogtown board for 2008.