Sunday, January 27, 2008

Skateboarding without a skateboard ... so sick!

The few in my crew already knew how I cracked some ribs the eve before Christmas. Thirty days, moments of reflection and several vicodin later I'm feeling better now. Back to some simple yoga at least. What I've not done yet is simply skate up the street, visit Camille and skate back. It's been really strange to be inactive for an entire month. Plenty of time catch up on movies... and daydream about skating.

Skating without a skateboard? Hardly. Well maybe.

While recuperating, had a chance to soak in some of Donchian's underground rap. By far the runaway standout is "So Sick" by the elusive Floridian, Benefit. The hard to find song of a few years back is my favorite in this genre... "so nice that it's nasty, so dope it's disgusting." Witty, disturbing and piercingly poetic, coupled with Bert & Earnie samples. An anthem of anomaly easily repurposed as a theme for extremity. Starting the year with broken bones, and Camille with the flu, the title of this song seems perfect.

I searched on YouTube for a video of "So Sick". No original video from the rapper... but instead stumbled upon a video of an amazing gymnist, David Belle. Below are some of his acrobatics; now THIS is what I call skateboarding sans skateboard. What Rodney Mullen is to skateboarding, David Belle is to gymnastics.. this is so sick.

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camille said...

i fuckin love this and your post you rock rob...